Marta Llibre – An Inspiration to All

In class we had the opportunity to learn from Marta Llibre an innovator in the field of advertising and public relations. She came in and spoke to us about her passion for working with startup companies and providing them unique services. She has had many experiences in her life so far and it was interesting to learn her take on the world of public relations.

In the beginning of her presentation she posed a question to the class, “What is the typical American breakfast?” As the class stood there silent I began to think about the bacon, eggs, and toast I was craving. While at first this question seemed completely unrelated, Marta began to explain how it related to the presentation. While some might think this food fad came out of nowhere, I now know that the ‘American Breakfast’ was actually a marketing campaign. Edward Bernays, the father of PR, teamed up with Beech-Nut Packing Company to market the consumption of bacon as a essential part of the healthy diet of any American. They paired their marketing strategies with research studies, to convince Americans to purchase and consume bacon. This case study was a model for future campaigns to come as it was successful in creating credibility for a brand.

While this method created by Edward Bernays may not have been the most moral or ethical, it was successful. After hearing this I began to wonder, are all of my decisions in life influenced by factors outside of myself? The clothes I buy, the brands I support, the things I eat, I am sure that in some way or another it is influenced by factors in the marketing and public relations world. While some can see this as a bad thing, I think public relations are important for a brand as it is a way to truly connect with the consumer.

In class Marta was able to share with us her favorite marketing campaigns and I would like to do the same here. The first one I wanted to talk about was the Nike “Dream Crazier” campaign.

I am drawn to this campaign for the pure reason of emotion. This is what Nike does best. They connect deeply with their consumers.

The fact that six months after watching a two-minute video I still have a strong feeling inside of me, makes me understand that Nike is doing something right. In this campaign, Nike touches again on this idea of changing the narrative of the word ‘crazy’. While it generally conveys a negative connotation, Nike works to change people’s perception of the word to mean powerful and inspiring. “Dream Crazier” connects to women athletes all across the world to let them know that their dreams ARE crazy, but that is not a bad thing. It encourages anyone who is looking to go above and beyond to achieve their wildest dreams. One quote that stood out to me in this campaign was “So if they want to call you crazy, fine. Show them what crazy can do”. Not only did this campaign create a ripple effect in the media, but it sparked conversation all over the world.

Another campaign I personally love is the campaign by Always #LikeAGirl.

While the campaign may not have the closest ties to the product, it is another example of one that does a great job of connecting to the consumer. This video connects with every girl in the world. It empowers them to be their best self no matter the negativity that surrounds them. I fully support this message and felt that the video did a great job of connecting with the audiences emotions.

While some campaigns are promoting positive messages like these two examples listed above, some companies promote things less moral or ethic. An example of this could be the JUUL, a company that was very successful marketing nicotine to teenage kids. While the marketing tactics may have been successful in this case, they started an unhealthy trend where young kids would get addicted to nicotine.

Overall, I am appreciative of the role marketing and public relations play in my life. While they can present this information, in the end it is ultimately my decision whether I buy in or not.

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